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Business Development Coaching, Training & Advisory

Driving Profitable Revenue

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ConMitch Advisory offers a comprehensive approach to developing a focused go-to-market strategy and the essential skills needed to win profitable new business in increasingly complex selling environments.

Are you making a differential investment in your priority accounts; collaborating with marketing to develop strong sales enablement programs; and pursuing opportunities where you can compete and win?

Today you need to target the right accounts, pursue "winnable" opportunities, and have strong face-to-face selling skills to be successful . . . to drive profitable revenue.

ConMitch solutions deliver efficient go-to-market execution strategies and sales effectiveness skills development that can improve ROI on your marketing investments and lower your costs of sales, while increasing your win rates and profitability on every deal.

In addition to Skills Coaching and  Sales Training, ConMitch offers business development coaching solutions including Sales Leader Coaching and Account Leader Coaching to improve leaders' ability to support their teams in building long term client relationships and securing profitable revenue.


Collaborating with priority clients to understand their strategic business imperatives, and how you can deliver value as a cost-effective extension of their team, is the goal of any priority account team. Strategic Alignment Meetings with clients or targets do just that – ConMitch offers professional facilitation, planning and post workshop follow up to help teams build wider and deeper client relationships and immediately drive new revenue opportunities.

Deal Coaching on large “must win” pursuits –  the key to winning RFP's is understanding the buying process; the specific needs of all stakeholders; and what needs to be done at each stage of the process - pre-pursuit,  pursuit,  proposal, presentations, negotiations and proposal nurturing.


See tabs for more detail as well as other business development Advisory solutions that support an efficient go-to-market approach that can lower your cost of sales and increase your win rates.

Business Meeting
Skills Coaching
Giving a Presentation
Sales Training
Business Meeting
Sales Leader Coaching
Account Leader Coaching
ConMitch Advisory is pleased to advise that our Business Development Coaching, Training and Advisory services can be delivered using a virtual platform.
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