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Sales Maturity Readiness Assessment

Sales execution is evolving rapidly in today’s ever-changing economy. To achieve aggressive goals, sales organizations may need to adapt practices to improve efficiencies, reduce wasteful spend, improve win rates and reduce turnover.

Assessing your sales execution model provides a path for optimizing sales execution activities and strategies in a pragmatic way – focus your investment on what needs fixing - let’s build a practical plan . . .


Once you are aware of your level of maturity, you can move towards a more desired state; resulting in improved top and bottom lines and achievement of business goals.

Go-to-Market Strategy / Ideal Client Profile

Selecting target accounts can be a frustrating and stressful exercise. This activity can’t be done in a silo - marketing needs sales, and sales needs marketing to accurately select target accounts. This cross-functional sales efficiency initiative is perhaps the most important an organization can undertake – it informs and directs differential investment to the right priority accounts.


You will get a proven process and steps to follow that reduces the stress and provides strategic direction for your marketing & sales teams.



“In many organizations 80% of the revenue comes from 20% of their customers”

Priority Account Management & Strategic Teaming

To achieve significant growth, you need an account strategy and a strategic account team that will execute the plan - and that team needs an effective leader.


It is critical to understand the strategic drivers behind client initiatives and assemble an integrated team that can help clients meet their objectives – you need to have a client-centric focusI have led priority account teams for 25+ years with responsibility for strategy development and execution and have best practices to share.


Strategic Alignment Meetings with your priority accounts to co-develop a “teaming” plan are best practice – they drive revenue and build relationships.


Many organizations have sound account strategies – shame about the execution!

Building Relationships – Get / Grow / Keep

Account teams need tools to execute their priority account plans to develop new relationships and expand and strengthen existing ones. It is important to understand who the key stakeholders are and who has influence and/or authority.


How does each buying influence define a winning relationship and what do your team members need to do to create the relationship they value? This knowledge is critical to becoming trusted advisors and securing higher margin opportunities.

Relationships are dynamic – the only thing constant with relationships is they are always changing and require attention!

ConMitch offers specific tools and approaches to design and execute successful relationship development plans.

Win Assessment Review (WAR) - Go / No Go

From a “sales efficiency” perspective, the most important, but perhaps least utilized, step in pursuing a large opportunity is deciding whether or not to pursue it in the first place. Resources wasted on opportunities with little chance of winning increase your cost of sales. Pursuing large deals is a battle – you should first go to WAR! 


We will help you determine if there is a basis for mutual value; should you pursue; can you successfully compete – can you win?

WAR’s help you make the right decision and inform the strategy you should deploy to increase your probability of winning!

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