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Group Coaching

Creating an environment of trust is critical for coaching to be successful. A mentor once told me – “coaching feedback is developmental rather than evaluative” and this philosophy and approach is one I have always followed.

An understanding of “adult learning theory and situational leadership are fundamental to creating a receptive environment for effective coaching. Nowhere perhaps does coaching play a bigger role than in sales – it is a behavioural skill set that requires interactive practice and feedback to master.

“On average 87% of new selling skills learned are forgotten if not reinforced in the next 30 days” SPIN Selling, Neil Rackham and The Challenger Sale, CEB

Immediately following training group coaching is recommended to test for understanding and identify skills that require reinforcement. Changing behaviors to enhance sales effectiveness requires immediate follow up to ensure ROI on your training investment.


Ideally, we will "call plan" real opportunities for immediate use of skills learned. Role plays will also be used to reinforce skills.

Peer Coaching

Peer coaching is a transformational learning method through which two colleagues work together to build and refine skills, in this case selling skills. It is a proven way to accelerate skill development and transform organizational cultures by developing “psychological safety” and self-awareness. It can bring speed to results and contribute to reduced turnover.

“Self-awareness is perhaps the most important deep learning element as it provides the foundation of sustained behavioral change”

Peer coaching is ideal for soft skills development through experiential and relational learning and social reinforcement necessary for adoption. We would identify “peers” that can work together on follow up coaching the during training session. Note: peer coaching requires a sales process or methodology that colleagues can use as a common language.


ConMitch will work with teams to demonstrate feedback approaches and provide a model and guidance on how to provide effective feedback.

Individual Coaching - Mentoring

Coaching individuals based on specific identified needs to develop skills, increase selling confidence and improve performance is sometimes necessary 1-on-1.

Mentoring differs from peer coaching in that it is built on external knowledge transfer. Ideally there is an accepted and endorsed business development methodology that can be leveraged but individual coaching can be effective without one.

The right coaching solution is situational – we will collaborate to determine the right approach.

Sales Leader As Coach

Often Sales Leaders are  unsure how to create a consistent rhythm of coaching conversations either because they are not clear on what to do and/or lack the tools to coach effectively.


Research indicates, that on average, effective coaching returns 7 times the initial sales training investment by increasing profitable win rates, employee retention and satisfied clients.



“Studies show that coaching is the #1 most effective revenue generation strategy”


Sales Leaders need to have strong understanding of sales methodology to effectively coach. ConMitch will "coach the coaches" on how to provide effective feedback.

ConMitch supports a variety of strategic and/or tactical consultative selling methodologies. 


If you are concerned you are not getting a return on training dollars already spent let's talk . . .

Sales Skills Training
Sales leader as coach
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