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Account Leader Coaching

Strategic Account Management requires strategic leadership with superior account management skills. Priority Accounts identified for differential investment (targeted future clients, clients where you want to grow wallet share, or clients where you are a trusted advisor) need account leaders that understand “team stages” and can lead and coach collaborative teams.

Conmitch can advise and provide tools that can help leaders understand where their team is today and what they have to do to manage, motivate and lead their team to deliver exceptional client service and results.


I have led priority accounts for the past 20+ years and know what works and what doesn’t.

Deal Coaching – “Must Win” Opportunities

With ConMitch you can leverage 25+ years proven pursuit process coaching on must win opportunities utilizing best practices and pursuit tools to increase your win probability.

An opportunity analysis (Go/No Go) should be considered as part of any pursuit process right out of the gate. If it’s a go - the key to winning is understanding the buying process and needs of all buying influences. I have played quarterback on countless “must-win” opportunities. Let’s win together!


There are many discreet steps in a successful pursuit that should be followed to increase the probability of a successful outcome, at a macro level  >>> Pre-Pursuit / Pursuit Process / Proposal / Presentation / Negotiation / Follow Up.

Negotiation Coaching

"Create An Invitation To Negotiate"

Deal coaching and negotiation coaching go hand in hand. An effective pursuit process plans for a negotiation from the outset and good proposals create an invitation to negotiate. You need to customize proposals a certain way to “tell a story and invite negotiations”.

Failure to prepare for a negotiation results in discounting and reduced margins or lost opportunities. If you don’t get invited to the table you can’t negotiate. I help teams get to the table and win !


Negotiating for Profit vs Discounting to Win = Selling Value. Driving profitable revenue starts long before negotiations begin !

Strategic Alignment Meeting

What is a Strategic Alignment Meeting (SAM)?

A SAM is a workshop that facilitates proper alignment between your client’s (target’s) business goals and strategies and your company’s solutions and business insights. It accelerates your ability to provide value to your clients by meeting their business objectives and can be a unique differentiator in how you serve your priority accounts.

“We came away from the session with a much clearer understanding of how they could help support our business in a cost-effective way and we agreed on other areas they could help after we met additional members of their team” – CFO Manufacturing Company

The synergy that exists with the combined team is powerful and the collaborative approach demonstrates how you can be a valuable extension of your clients’ team. If you are looking for ways to crack target accounts, or increase wallet share and build stronger relationships in your priority accounts, look no further – you need a SAM !

Coaching (planning), workshop facilitation, and coordinating follow up are all part of the strategic business development approach and solution offered.

Strategic Alignment Meetings demonstrate an integrated team approach - a SAM gets the right people at the table.

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